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Best Trolling Motor Batteries: 7 Top reviewed Boat Batteries, 2020

Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Many anglers think that focusing on boat battery is a worst expense. However, is it really so? When you are heading out in the water, you along with your family will pray for your safe return home. Not only that, you would find nothing that can spoil your day on water than a dead battery. So, you should search for the best match battery for your marine boat while fishing. And, sorting the best trolling motor batteries would help you to pick the right one for your boat.

Are you now searching for the top class marine batteries online? I would recommend not doing so. Ask me ‘why’. It’s because, you will definitely get confused looking at thousands of batteries. Moreover, believe me, it’s also time consuming. Then, you are thinking what to do. Do not feel worried. We have made a short list of best power backup batteries for your trolling motor. We thoroughly reviewed thousands of user comments as well as experts opinions. And, then, we have chosen the best for you.

Our Pick: Best Trolling Motor Batteries:

Your power backup source should be compatible and reliable with your boat. So, you should pick the most suitable battery depending on your fishing setup. When a trolling motor gives you the speed, the battery is there to ensure the uninterrupted power supply.

You can see that we have sorted 7 top reviewed marine boat batteries among thousands. You will find that these marine boat batteries are the most popular power backups among the anglers. These are the most reliable standby energy sources when you are on the water for fishing.

By the way, these marine batteries are also used commonly on kayak and dinghies. Indeed, it’s becoming very popular to install trolling motor also on these inflatable boats. Let’s see what we have picked for you.

List of Top Reviewed Batteries: At a Glance:

Review of Top Trolling Motor Batteries:

You have heard the above-listed battery names many times whispering around the dock. We have sorted these batteries very carefully. We are now going to discuss why we have chosen these Trolling Motor Batteries as the best picks.

Optima 12V 55AH Blue Top Dual Purpose Marine Battery:

Optima Blue Top battery is the top most popular marine battery among the anglers. This high-performance battery can give you heavy-duty output. With an extra-long lifespan, Optima 12V 55AH has the best features as an energy source.

First of all, Optima Dual Purpose batteries have a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) approval.

Optima Blue Top 55AH battery has a 120 minutes reserve capacity. It provides constant support even in very bad windy conditions. You will also notice that it has a C20 Charge Rate. This is always a good criterion for longevity.

This Blue Top Dual Purpose Battery has only 43.5 pounds in weight. It is surely lower than any 34M group size battery. So, you can easily mount an Optima 12V Power Backup cell at any position on your fishing boat or any kayak boat.

With special Spiral Winding Lead Plates, this battery far more advanced in technology. It is definitely the winner in the quality battery racing. Polypropylene case material made the Optima 12V 55AH Blue Top Dual Purpose Marine Battery almost leak-proof as well as spill-proof.

Besides, it needs no further water in it. So, this SLA battery resists any internal damages. So, it surely serves you with a maintenance-free uninterrupted duty.

With high Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA), you don’t need to worry about any cold temperature. You can easily start your trolling boat engine with this heavy starting battery.


  • 12V 55AH blue top battery
  • Sealed Lead Acid AGM
  • 43.5lbs with Group 34M size
  • 750-870 CCA with C20 C-Rating
  • Spiral winding Lead Plate
  • Polypropylene case
  • Lightweight
  • High Cold Cranking Amperage
  • Higher Lifecycle
  • Extra reserve capacity
  • Highest Positive user reviews.
  • Best fit only for marine purpose.

Odyssey PC1500ST 12V Dual Purpose Thunder Marine Battery:

You know Odyssey makes me remind of the Greek Myth Hero Odysseus. This dual purpose marine battery is also a hero in the deep water. With the longest service life, it will provide you continuous power supply.

An Odyssey Battery has US Department of Transportation classified certificate. Which is that? It’s completely spill-proof. You will find no gas escaping and acid leakage as well.

The best Odyssey feature is that it has an extreme temperature tolerance ability. This battery can work without any fall of efficiency even in -40 degree Fahrenheit to 176 degree Fahrenheit.

It has a high CCA rate. With 880 amperage instant load, it can easily start your boat engine. This battery is the best choice dual purpose marine battery. Its dedicated deep cycling capability will help to run the engine for hours.

There is an interesting feature of this Odyssey PC1500ST 12V Dual Purpose Thunder Marine Battery. You can store it in an open circuit condition for long. You will not need to charge it for more than 2 years for keeping idle. And, hence, the performance will not fall even a bit.

It has pure virgin Lead Plate and optimized recycling ability. Besides, the terminals are made of tin-plated brass terminals. This high integrity sealed terminals are also high conductivity, corrosion-resistant. So, all these features made the battery completely sealed from any leakage or spillage.

Odyssey marine enery backup cell has larger plate surface areas. And, it’s 15% larger than any other spiral-wounded battery. Besides, it also has 40% greater reserve capacity than any battery of the same group.

However, this Odyssey Battery has up to 400 cycle capability at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD). This obviously made the battery the winner in the marathon race tournament.


  • 12V 68AH dual purpose
  • 850-880 CCA
  • 135 minute reserve capacity
  • 49.5lbs weight with 34M Group size
  • Pure Virgin Lead Plate
  • Extreme temperature tolerant
  • Higher reserve capacity
  • 880 CCA rating
  • No need of recharge for 2 years in open circuit
  • Leak-proof, spill-proof.
  • Comparatively heavier
  • High price

Universal Power Group 12V 100AH Deep Cycle VRLA Battery:

Universal battery truly has the power to impress any Angler. When many users are fed up because of the worst battery experience, Universal Power Group 12V 100AH Deep Cycle VRLA Battery could really bring a smile on their face.

This number one Valve-Regulated Lead Acid AMG battery uses SLA technology. That means it is completely spill-proof. Hence, you will face no internal damage with this battery.

Besides, a Universal AGM battery resists any shock and vibration. Not only that, but the battery size is also perfect to fit any hatch in your boat.

However, you can love another feature of this Universal Battery. It supports the solar power system. You can fit it easily in any solar regulator.

Again it has a slow discharge rate and higher shelf life. You can have 64% of its capacity even after 1 year of idle storage.


  • 12V 100Ah VRLA AGM
  • 12.17 x 6.61 x 9.16 inches dimension
  • 63.93lbs weight
  • Glass fiber electrolyte
  • Comparatively high potent (1200Watt)
  • Slow discharge

  • A little bit heavier.

Renogy 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Marine Trolling Motor Battery:

Let us talk about the best Hybrid Gel Trolling Motor Battery. It is Renogy 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Marine Trolling Motor Battery. This battery is a trustworthy power backup for your daily need for energy.

Any leakage or spillage is almost impossible from any Renogy Hybrid Gel Battery. This energy powerhouse used Hybrid Gel suspended electrolyte. So, you will be free from any money wastage due to battery internal damage. And, you can put or move your Renogy battery anywhere without any risk of damage.

This battery has advanced corrosion resistant grid. It has differentiated this marine battery from any AGM battery. This technology made this battery of higher longevity. Most of the marine battery users rated this battery a five-star. It has 750 cycle load at 50% depth of Discharge. As a result, it has up to 12 years of lifecycle duration.

Its self-discharge rate is below 3%. Do you how much lower it is? It is almost 5 times lower than any AGM battery. Again, the C-rating of this Renogy Marine Battery is C20 for 200AH capacity. Besides, the max charging current for 200AH Renogy is 60A with discharge current flow 2000A per 5 seconds.


  • 12V 200Ah Hybrid Gel
  • 127.9lbs weight
  • M8 terminals
  • C-rating C20
  • Hybrid Gel suspended electrolyte
  • Completely Leak-proof
  • Less than 3% self-discharge rate
  • Double lifecycle than AGM Battery (12 years)
  • No further maintenance needed
  • Up to 3 years material warranty

  • Heavyweight
  • High price due to Gelled Lead-Acid

WindyNation 12V 100AH Off-Grid SLA Boat Battery:

WindyNation 12V 100AH Off-Grid SLA Boat Battery advertises its special feature by its name indeed. It is the toughest power source even in the strong windy environment. Nowadays, most of the marine battery users dream of such a reliable energy backup source.

Windy Nation Sealed Lead Acid battery uses the most advanced technology to seal any leakage or spillage. Therefore it offers you no internal damages.

The Windy Nation Marine battery has a Repetitive Discharge feature. This made the battery the owner of the longest lifecycle winner trophy.

This is a BattaMax series marine battery which is the most popular Windy Nation trolling engine power backup. Its 99.995% pure lead supports the lowest discharge rate. Moreover, this brings the battery a 12 years float life at 25 degree Celsius. That’s why anglers say it never dies.

However, the battery size is also perfect to fit anywhere. Besides, it is also suitable for any solar power system as well as RVs or telecommunications.


  • 12V 100AH AGM
  • 99.995% pure Lead
  • 66lbs weight
  • C-rating 10
  • Best repetitive discharge technology
  • Straps and wires are free with Battery
  • 12 year float life

  • A little bit high weight

Mighty Max 12V 55AH Electric Pontoon Boat Motor Battery:

Mighty Max 12V 55AH Electric Pontoon Boat Motor Battery is specially manufactured for any kind of marine boat. It can be a kayak, canoe, pontoon, dinghy, or any inflatable boat that has trolling motor. This battery can ensure you no sudden shut off of your boat engine.

Mighty Max battery is a very lightweight power source. It has only 38.58lbs weight. Besides, it has 9.02 inch length with 5.43 inch width. So, you can put it at any place in your marine boat. Even, you can keep it in any Battery power case.

It uses Calcium Alloy grid. This allows the battery to give optimum performance. Besides, this prolific powerhouse is also resistant to any shock or vibration.

Mighty Max 12V 55AH is the most upgraded battery among the Best Trolling Motor Batteries. Its valve regulated system protects the battery from any leakage or spillage. In this way, this battery ensures a maintenance-free service.

One of the best features of a Mighty Max 12V battery is its performance regardless of the temperature condition. It can easily start your trolling engine whether it is too cold or hot. This dual purpose battery is perfect for your float use as well as deep cycle use.


  • 12V 55AH Dual Purpose
  • 38.58lbs weight
  • Nut and bolt terminals
  • Sealed Lead-Acid AGM battery
  • Long backup support

  • Deep discharge recovering
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Fit to any boat

  • Terminals get hot (for loose wire connection)

Vmax MR127 12V 100AH AGM Minnkota Boat Battery:

When you are looking for a Group 27 marine size, Vmax will be your perfect pick. A Vmax MR127 12V 100AH AGM Minnkota Boat Battery is really a heavy-duty battery.

Electrolytes of this battery are made of Glass Fiber. Besides, this AGM battery uses no Silica Gel or other contaminators in it. Its Lead-Calcium electrodes can easily differentiate it from any other marine backup power sources.

You will find another important feature of this battery. It has Lead- Tin alloy grid. This has made the battery to have an extra lifespan. Besides, it has a very slow discharge rate which will supply continuous power for hours. It gives almost 200 minute reserve capacity.

It is also leak-proof as well as spill-proof. And it has a tough body case material. So, you can mount it anywhere without the risk of any damage.

Another special thing is there. It supports any AC charger. You can charge your Vmax MR127 Trolling Motor Battery with any AGM brand charger or smart microprocessor controlled charger.


  • 12V 100AH AGM
  • 27 Marine Group Size
  • 68lbs weight
  • Lead-tin alloy terminal
  • Supports any AC charger

  • 200 minute reserve capacity
  • Leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Made in USA

  • Chance to melt terminals due to loose wire connection

Understanding Types and Features of Trolling Motor Boat Batteries:

The features of trolling boat batteries are mostly out of head terms. You will hardly understand what these terms stand for. But, with the proper knowledge, it will be easy for you to sort the best trolling motor batteries among tons. And, when you take the right decision for choosing the best battery, you are confident while getting out on the water.

Moreover, you will find different types of Boat Batteries in the market. Each kind has its unique applications and features. Besides, some kinds of batteries are also the most recent upgraded version.

So, let us talk now about the features that you need to sort the best trolling motor batteries.

Dry Cell and Wet Cell Batteries:

Dry Cell Battery! Are you thinking which one is this? It is commonly known as the Sealed Battery. From household items to your favorite fishing boat, this type of battery is a common thing. From your torch to your cell phone, this Dry Cell Battery is everywhere. This battery actually contains a paste or mat of its materials. Still, you will be surprised. It’s not completely sealed. What! Yes, you will find no lead-acid battery which is truly sealed. As the reaction produces Oxygen and Hydrogen, these batteries also keep a way to release the excessive pressure. Otherwise, the battery could explode.

Again, Wet Cell Lead Acid Battery is just the opposite of a Dry Cell Battery. Most of the anglers know it as the Flooded Cell Battery. Actually, Lead Acid Batteries are the ancient type of rechargeable power cell battery. This is the earliest type of rechargeable battery. You will always need to keep it upright when it contains unsealed lead-acid. Besides, you have to ensure well ventilation for the battery. Why? It’s because it produces hydrogen gas while overcharging.

However, the Scientists have made more advanced Sealed Wet Cell Trolling Motor Batteries nowadays. You will now find Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries as well as Gel Batteries for your trolling motor. AGM and Gel boat batteries are also Wet Cell batteries that use advanced Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery (VRLA) technology. We are now also going to discuss these types of batteries bellow.

Valve-Regulated AGM Battery and Gel Batteries:

The Valve-Regulated (VRLA) battery is an advanced level liquid electrolyte Lead Acid Battery. You will need no regular addition of water for your battery cell. Therefore, it will provide you a maintenance-free extra service. VRLA batteries are also wet cell batteries that have a safety valve for pressure relief. VRLA batteries are normally spill-proof as it uses comparatively less battery acid.

Here come two more types of VRLA batteries. One is Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery and the other one is Gel battery. However, both types are completely sealed. And, you will find these battery cases are enclosed properly. This means these batteries don’t need ventilation ways. In that way, these batteries serve an important facility. You can put these energy cells wherever you want on your boat.

AGM Marine Batteries have a glass mat separator to hold the electrolytes. These batteries always offer a longer lifespan. You will love an AGM battery as it serves you with a leakage-proof long-lasting power backup source. Another feature of an AGM trolling motor battery is its temperature tolerance. Besides, its vibration resistant uninterrupted power supply will obviously give you a comfortable journey in the water. Moreover, its slow discharge rate will also make you smile.

Like an AGM battery, a Gel Battery also uses Suspended Electrolytes. But, the main difference is the electrolyte. Gel Cell Battery uses gelled electrolyte with Silica Additives. Besides, these batteries chemically use Calcium instead of Antimony in the Lead plates. Thus, these trolling motor batteries are extremely shock-proof as well as spill-proof. Besides, it can work efficiently at both high and low temperature. These features made a Gel Battery completely maintenance-free energy backup source. Again, a Gel Battery has a lower slow discharge rate compared to an AGM battery.

Deep Cycle and Dual Purpose Batteries:

You will always look for a battery that gives consistent and steady power supply. Dual purpose as well as Deep cycle feature is made for uninterrupted power supply. The battery companies have used upgraded technology here to slowly discharge the reserved power. This will give you a steady and consistent power supply for more hours.

When you want to start your boat engine, you will need a starter battery. A starting battery gives a high amount of energy at a time to power up your trolling motor. And, while starting the boat motor, it also discharges a larger amount of its own power.

Again Deep cycling feature is designed for discharging its capacity over a longer period. Deep cycle batteries are an angler’s best support in the deep water. You will never need to worry about the power backup. With a fully charged deep cycle battery, you will get electric power back up of hours.

A Dual Purpose Battery will serve you both the starting and deep cycle features. When you need to start your trolling motor, dual purpose battery is your best helping hand. Again it will give you long battery backup too. That means if you buy this battery of dual purpose, it will take care of your entire boat. That means a Dual Purpose Battery meets your dual purpose. What are your purposes that this battery supports to meet? Starting your trolling boat engine and deep cycling for longer power backup. However, when this battery power up your boat engine, it remains less amount of power backup for the rest.

Thus, you need a Deep Cycle Battery which is perfect for your trolling motor. A deep cycle battery is specially designed for long time reserve capacity. It doesn’t discharge a larger amount of its capacity at a single time. So, for longer power backup a Deep Cycle Battery is better than a Dual Purpose Battery.

So, what can we say now? You can choose a Dual Purpose Battery when you need an all-doing energy storehouse. But, a Deep Cycle Battery is the right choice when you are thinking about your Trolling Motor.

Float use and Cycle Use Batteries:

Do you need a standby alternative power source for your Trolling Motor Boat? Then you are thinking about a Float use Battery. It’s a continuous alternative source of your main source of power.

On the other hand, a Cyclic use battery works just like a Deep Cycle Battery. That means you can discharge as well as recharge this battery continuously. When you are picking a Cyclic use Battery, you are getting a power backup of years’ lifespan indeed.

Things that One Should Consider Before Buying a Trolling Boat Battery

You now know about the features of different types of Trolling Motor Boat Batteries. So, you have confident about which marine battery you need. But, still, there are more things to know about. You need to know these to best fit your battery with the Trolling Motor. You should consider these factors after listing the best trolling motor batteries.


Size and Weight of Trolling Motor Battery:

Weight of a Trolling Motor Battery depends on its size. The larger the size is, the heavier is the weight. Most of the anglers know that with a large group size battery, you will have higher Ampere-Hour capacity. You need to fish in a windy environment? Then you should consider a large Group size Marine Battery. At the end of the day, you will realize how much benefit you got from it.

Moreover, if you observe carefully, you will find out an interesting thing. Every marine battery has an “M” at somewhere of its group number. Here “M” refers to Marine Battery which is determined by Battery Council International (BCI). There are several group-size trolling motor batteries in the market. Some of these are 24M, 27M, 31M, and 34M, and so on.

Besides, you should also measure how much free space you have on the boat. When you have work for a long time in the deep water, you would need more space on your boat. It’s because a large size battery will be then perfect for you.

Again, the weight also depends on the battery type. A Gel Battery is comparatively heavier than an AGM Battery. But, you know, Gel Battery gives more runtime as well as maintenance-free better service. So, what size battery will you choose now?


The most important thing about a battery is its power system. That means the Voltage (V). You will see most of the Deep Cycle Marine Batteries are of 12V. However, you may need a 24V or 36V battery to support your Trolling Motor. In this case, you will need to connect multiple batteries in a series circuit. Sometimes, you can connect multiple batteries in parallel depending on your need.

Ampere Hour:

You will see different Ampere-Hour (AH) unit on different marine batteries. This AH defines how much amperage the battery can supply in one hour. That means you can estimate the total electric-store capacity of the battery with this Ampere-Hour.

You would need higher or lower AH depending on your boat as well as your runtime. For say, you have a small fishing kayak. And, your friend has a large trolling motor boat. Now, you will surprisingly notice that 55 AH battery might serve you the same runtime as a 200AH battery gives to your friend’s boat.

So, you should select the AH according to your boat size and speed. However, if you consider higher AH for a small boat, you would get another advantage. Which is that? You will have a greater runtime. And you know that the more the runtime is, the more time will you have for fishing.

By the way, a 24 lb thrust trolling motor draws around 27 ampere on average per hour. Whereas a trolling motor of 55 lb thrust draws 55 ampere per hour.

Reserve Capacity:

Reserve Capacity is the most important thing that an angler considers first. Theoretically, it means the total time a battery needs to supply a certain amount of amperage before downing to fully discharge. Typically, when a 12V Marine Battery goes to below 10.5V, it is considered completely discharged. Best Trolling Motor Batteries with 120 Minute of Reserve Capacity normally supply 25 amperage constant loads for 2 hours before fully discharged. But, practical experiences show the actual backup hour is normally a bit lower than the theoretical hour. 

However, calculating this parameter is very important to select the best Deep Cycle battery. The higher the reserve capacity is, the longer will be your fishing on the water.

Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) and Marine Cranking Ampere (MCA):

Cold Cranking Ampere parameter is very much important to start your boat engine at cold weather. When you are using a Dual Purpose Battery or a starter battery at almost frozen temperature, you will need a better CCA rating. The CCA rating tells that the battery can provide that much load at 0 degree Fahrenheit for 30 second.

However, in a warm-weather area, you would rather need to look for other criteria than to emphasize on CCA. You know the starting power of a battery decreases over time. So, you will need a higher starting power battery when you are in a cold-weather zone. For this reason, CCA is a very important rating of a battery while considering very low-temperature areas.

On the other hand, Marine Cranking Ampere (MCA) rating is somehow the same as CCA rating. The basic difference is the considered temperature. Here, the load is considered at 32 degree Fahrenheit for 30 second.

Charge Rate (C rate):

The Charge Rate or C-rating of a battery shows how quickly it goes to empty. You can measure how long a battery could take to fully charge or discharge. For example, a 200 AH battery with C-20 rating will need 20 hours to completely be charged with 10 amp load per hour.

Now, let us surprise you. When a battery is charged faster, it will store less amount of energy. Actually, when a battery is charged or discharged faster, it produces more heat.  This heat reduces the energy consumption capacity of the battery. That’s why the calculating C-rating is very much important criteria while buying a marine battery.

Depth of Discharge (DOD) and State of Charge (SOC):

Depth of Discharge (DOD) stands for the amount of power a battery has used. You should know this term for your battery longevity. For example, 70% DOD means you have already used 70% electric power of the battery. The range is 0% (fully charged) to 100% (fully empty). Experts always forbid discharging your battery deeper. Otherwise, it will harm your battery lifecycle. So, you should always keep an eye on your Marine Battery for the DOD rate.

On the other hand, SOC means the State of Charge. It’s just the opposite of DOD. SOC shows how much charge is left in your battery. Here you just need to alter the range- (0%- empty and 100%- fully charged).

Then, what do 70% SOC and 30% DOD mean? This means you have 70% power left in your battery as you have already used 30% of the reserved power.

Marine Battery Charger:

Different kinds of chargers are there for different types of batteries. A charger for AGM battery is not best suited for a Gel Marine battery. There are regular, onboard and smart chargers and even some portable chargers too. A smart charger always cares about your battery by restricting overcharging. Again choosing a non-compatible charger for your deep cycle battery will result in money expense. You will need to buy a new battery within a few years. Nowadays, most of the battery manufacturers have their own charger recommendation. You should always follow their guide while charging. Besides, a shock-proof vibration absorbent battery case with the charger will keep your battery alive for years.

You can have an onboard charger for your marine battery. But if you have space limitation on your kayak, canoe, or small Minnkota trolling boat, this charger will be a hassle. In this situation, a portable charger will be your best pick.

However, you should know that rapid charging is not always good for your battery health. The more the charging time is, the better will be the reserve capacity as well as lifespan.

Connecting a Trolling Motor Battery in Parallel or Series Circuit:

You can connect your trolling motor boat battery in parallel or series as you required. When you need to stay for long in the deep water, capacity is the most important part to consider. So, you now need to increase the capacity? Well! You should then connect multiple batteries in parallel as required. For example, if you need 60 ampere hour capacity for your motor boat, you need to connect two 30 ampere hour batteries in parallel. Here, you must keep the same voltage batteries in the circuit.

Again, when you need extreme voltage for your boat engine, connect multiple batteries of the same specification in a series circuit. This will increase the battery voltage leaving the capacity the same. Here is an example. To have 24V power voltage, you need to install two 12Va batteries in a series.

When you want a parallel circuit, connect one positive terminal with another positive one and negative with the negative. But, for a series circuit, connect every positive terminal of one battery with the negative terminal of another battery.

Maintenance and Safety Issues for any Marine Boat Battery:

The advanced technology is giving you relief from regular maintenance of your Trolling Motor Boat Battery. Besides, you need to worry less about your safety issues now. Yet, there are few factors you should always keep an eye on. What are those? Let us talk here.

  • You should add distilled water to your regular Lead Acid Flooded Battery. You should refill it every 2 to 3 weeks. Why? The chemical reactions in the battery always result in a decrease in water. Be careful. Always ensure distilled water before pouring in the battery. However, for a Sealed Lead Acid Battery AGM or Gel) you don’t need to add any water.
  • Always keep an eye on the State of Charge (SOC) and Depth of Charge (DOD). Experts always recommend not to go below 50% DOD for better Battery health.
  • Be careful when connecting multiple batteries in the circuit. Never use boat batteries of different power and capacity in the same circuit. It will always cause you an early expense for buying a new battery. Besides, it may cause an accident at any time.
  • Never empty your battery. It definitely reduces the battery life cycle. Experts observed that a10% less discharge might cause 2 to 3 years more lifespan as a result.
  • Cleaning battery top is always a good thing. It will help you by reducing the risk of more expenses.
  • Check your battery connections regularly. Always keep the connections tighten.
  • Always be careful to use a charger. You should use the best charger that is recommended by the battery company.
  • Do not overcharge your battery. It will result in a decrease in the efficiency of the battery. This is why expert boaters recommend keeping an eye on the battery while charging.
  • Do not use your battery while charging.
  • One special tip for you. You know there are cold cranking batteries as well as marine cranking batteries. However, don’t use an only-cranking battery as your trolling motor power backup. You should use a dual purpose or a dedicated deep cycle battery as the energy power source.

Impact of Lead-Acid Trolling Motor Battery on Health and Environment:

You can never think of a day in the water without a high-performance Trolling Motor Battery. It always makes your fishing worthy and comfortable.

Yet, every Lead Acid Battery has a negative impact on health. Lead is such a thing that is never digested in the body. When it enters the body, it is stored in different parts of the body. Lead Contamination is a very dangerous health-hazard problem.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Lead Contamination has many kinds of toxic effects on the human body. It can cause many diseases including gastrointestinal, hematological and even neurological problems. Moreover, health experts also told that Lead pollution can also affect reproduction as well as the endocrine and cardiovascular system.

Besides, other materials are also used in a Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery. These chemicals have their individual negative impacts on health too.

So, you should be careful about the disposal of used Boat Battery. You should always search for the proper authority for the perfect and safe disposal of your used Lead Acid Battery.

However, many battery retailers offer a discount on the return of any used Lead Acid Battery. The special concern on proper Lead-Acid battery can make a healthy better environment for the young.

Final Words:

We are human. So, we also make mistakes. And, these mistakes make us more experienced as well as perfect in the decision-making process. Though we have made a list of 7 Best Trolling Motor Batteries, all of these are the best of its own price range. So, you now have the confidence about which battery you need now. However, some of the above mentioned marine batteries have monthly installment offers also. The respective battery company offers this as a bundle with the warranty.

When we are talking about the final words, we are glad to inform you about our best pick trolling motor battery as well as the premium pick. Optima Blue Top marine battery the best for any fishing boat or other engine boat. But, any boater will love Renogy Hybrid Gel Battery because of its most advanced technology. We have considered these marine batteries on the basis of their popularity and advanced technology. So, what are you waiting for now? Buy your most important power backup and enjoy your moments on water. 

So, Now…. Safe Journey…. Happy fishing….

Frequently Asked Question:

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of any discussion, there will always be some questions. We have also sorted a few questions. Actually, most of the boat battery users ask about these. So, let us discuss these.

How Many Years Can I Use an AGM Battery?

First of all, the life span of an AGM battery is always greater than the normal flooded battery. Again Gel Battery is of comparatively higher life cycle than AGM battery. Normally a flooded battery lasts 3 to 5 years. In this comparison, an AGM battery provides 5 to 7 years continuous service. But, for longer service, you should not allow depth of charge less than 50%. Again, users claim that the best trolling motor batteries can run for even 10 years or more.

Why Deep Cycle Battery is Considered the Best for Trolling Motor?

Every Deep Cycle Battery has a lower discharge rate. This allows the battery to gradually discharge its power over a longer period. That means you have always longer power support from a Deep Cycle Battery when you are in the deep water. You can then do fishing with no tension of power interruption. This made the battery the best trolling motor battery.  

How Long Does a Trolling Motor Battery Work after Charging Fully?

Actually, the working hour of a trolling motor battery depends on many things. It can be the weather condition, your boat size, age of your battery, battery power, your charging process, and so on. If you don’t use your battery of starting the engine it will give longer backup. You can ask why. Yes, any trolling motor needs a huge cranking amperage load for starting. Besides, if you are running your boat in windy condition, the boat engine will need more power. Again, if you use a charger that charges faster, it might reduce the capacity of your charger. Many experts recommend charging the boat battery daily. It will always help you to keep 60% to 70% SOC of your battery. Hence you will also need less time to charge the battery fully.

What Type of Charger is Best for the Boat Battery?

Charger always depends on your battery types and size. Not only that, it also depends on the power source where the charger is connected to. Besides, every marine battery manufacturer has a special charger recommendation. It would be best if you can follow their recommendation.

How should I Store My Trolling Motor Battery?

Most of the anglers fully charge their battery before storing anywhere in their warehouse or home. Then, they charge the battery at least once a month. This always keeps the battery materials in perfect condition. Otherwise, the chemical reactions will produce extra gas which actually could damage the battery.

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