Mighty Max 12V 55AH Marine Boat Battery, 2020

Mighty Max 12V 55AH Marine Boat Battery

Looking for the best match power backup for your trolling motor? Then, don’t be confused searching among thousands of kinds of Batteries. Again, do you want to go far in the water? Then, leave ‘the safe return home’ duty to a Mighty Max deep cycle AGM Battery. Let’s see what a Mighty Max 12V 55AH marine boat battery offers.

You know Mighty Max battery is very much popular among its types. It’s specially designed for any kind of pontoon, canoe, kayak, or trolling motor boat regardless of the weight. It’s a 55AH 12V battery which made it a lightweight power source. And, you know what! Its weight is only 38.58lbs which has made it undoubtedly useful for your boating and fishing. You can avoid horrible feelings of surprisingly stopping your boat while this deep cycle power bank is with you on the boat.

Features of Mighty Max Deep Cycle AGM Power Backup:

Choosing a very useful and compatible battery is so tough for anyone. But, we make it very easy and profitable for you in a very short time. We have researched the key features that a Mighty Max Sealed Lead Acid 12V battery truly provides.

Calcium Alloy Grid:

Having a calcium alloy grid, this battery connects with 12Volt and supplies 55Ah current. This is always the best combination to provide optimum performance.

Sealed Lead Acid Technology:

The lead-acid battery is very prolific. And, this is a lead-acid type battery. What a cool feature! It’s not the only thing. You must be shocked hearing that this battery also resists shocks and vibrations.

This SLA battery is designed using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. Besides, its valve regulated system ensures leak-proof superior performance. As a result, this leaves you with almost no need for regular maintenance.

Effect of Temperature:

The amazing feature of this product is it can perform in any temperature condition. Whether it’s cold or warm weather, don’t be freighted with panic. Just have this high performance battery on your boat and start the engine.

Perfect in size and weight:

Even the size of the battery is such that you can easily be fixed and accommodate your fishing boat nicely. It fits perfectly in different types of hatches of the kayak because of its size. Therefore, this heavy duty battery can be mounted in any position. So, this spill proof battery is a perfect choice for any small or medium fishing boat.

Special Feature:

This battery serves as both float and cyclic performance that means it can provide energy for running your boat. Besides, it also can supply electricity whenever you need it.

Mighty Max 12V battery terminal

Specification at a Glance:

  • 12V 55AH AGM
  • C10 c-rating
  • 38.58 lbs
  • Long backup capacity
  • Perfect size for fit at any position
  • Shock and Vibration-proof
  • Performance regardless of temperature
  • Spill-proof Support varieties of boats and vehicles
  • Terminals get heated due to loose connection

Final Words for Mighty Max Trolling Boat Battery:

After starting from 2010 till now, the performance of Mighty Max 12V 55AH Marine Boat Battery is trustworthy to its users. After starting from 2010 till now, the performance of Mighty Max 12V 55AH Marine Boat Battery is trustworthy to its users.

According to most of the users of this battery, they have highly appreciated the mighty max battery. Do you know why? This is because they use this powerhouse without having fear of being empty power while running the boat as well as using lit up the light in evening fishing. This is the best heavy duty deep cycle battery to run all of your electronics on the marine boat. With its 1 year warranty service, MightyMax became the Maximum energy supplier for the anglers.

However, if you are interested, you can also go here to see what a Renogy Hybrid Gel Battery offers. It will help you to compare the best marine batteries around you.

Though, it is not a 55AH battery, yet, you can see this video. This is a check of Mighty Max 12V 35AH battery.

Have a look to this video….

Frequently Asked Question about Mighty Max 12V 55AH Marine Boat Battery:

Can this battery be used for 40lbs, 50lbs, or 55lbs boat?

Answer- Surely, a Mighty Max 12V 55AH battery can be used for 40lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs, or even more weight boats.

How long this battery gives back up?

Answer- With proper maintenance and usage, most of the users agreed that they got satisfied with at least 6 hours back up. Besides, its high discharge rate gives eexceptional performance for both cyclic and float use.

Can it be used in the series circuit?

Answer- With the same specification, you can connect multiple Mighty Max batteries in series as well as in parallel too.

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