Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle 12V 55AH Marine Battery, 2020

Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle 12V 55AH Marine Battery

There are tons of marine batteries around you. That’s the point you get confused while need a new one. Let us introduce you to a heavy-duty and high-performance battery for trolling motors. It’s the Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle 12V 55AH marine battery.

Are you thinking about what this battery offers more? Then, have a look at the features that made this Optima 12V deep cycle battery the best of its category.

Features of Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle 12V 55AH Marine Battery:

To make its users more confident, Optima did one thing first. What is that? Optima battery is tested according to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

Special Reserve Capacity:

The reserve capacity of this battery is 120 minutes for constant performance. This pleasantly clarifies the word heavy duty. Besides, it serves very constantly even in the bad weather.

Perfect Size to Fit at any Place:

Weight of Optima battery is only 43.5 pounds. That means it is lighter than the other 12 volt batteries. Therefore, this can be easily mounted in any place. Just, place this battery in a suitable place in your kayak or any other engine boat. And, just forget about the power backup. You would never need to worry again.

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The case material of Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle 12V 55AH Marine Battery is made of Polypropylene. That’s why you have never heard ever of any acid mess of this deep cycle power cell. Do you know an interesting thing? Most of the Optima AGM battery users have never claimed any leaking problem. It’s because all Optima batteries are spill-proof which also ensures no internal damage risk.

Shock and Vibration Proof Blue Top battery:

The battery company ensured that Optima 12V 55AH battery is shockproof as well as vibration-proof. This is at least fifteen times lower compared to other batteries with the same capacity.

Lowest Discharge Rate among its category:

Optima battery has a very low discharge rate. So, it can store power backup constantly in your boat or any other vehicle without regular charging.

Unique Design:

Optima Company made spiral wounded Lead plates with lead oxide coating to make its performance better. Therefore, the inner parts of this Optima battery are of high quality for its users.

Specification at a Glance:

  • 12V 55AH AGM
  • 43.5 lbs
  • Nut and Bolt Terminal
  • C20 charge rate
  • Unparalleled cycling capability
  • Spiral wounded technology
  • Lead oxide coating electrodes
  • Dedicated Deep Cycle Dual Purpose
  • 15% more shock and vibration proof
  • Weighted lesser than others with the same power.
  • Long backup capacity
  • Very low discharge rate.
  • Perfect for bad weather conditions
  • Best suitable of marine boat
  • higher price tag
Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle Battery terminals

Final Words:

Though Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle 12V 55AH Marine Battery is not best suited for other types of vehicles, don’t be upset. After all, you will never find its alternative due to its unique features. Exclusive design with high case and inner materials has definitely made it your perfect pick.

Compared to WindyNation or MightyMax deep cycle AGM battery, Optima marine battery has more cranking amperage. This made the battery the unbeatable dual purpose motor boat battery. However, you may also read how we have shortlisted more top reviewed batteries.

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Frequently Asked Question related to Optima Blue Top AGM Battery:

What Ampere Hour does this battery provide?

Answer- Optima AGM battery has 55 Ampere Hour capacity.

Which charger is best for Optima battery?

Answer: Any smart charger of 6 ampere is best for Optima battery. However, Optima sells different types of smart chargers for its several kinds of batteries.

Which color top is best for a marine boat?

Especially, blue top Optima AGM battery is manufactured for the marine boat.

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