Pelican Kayak Reviews: Expert's Guide To Best Pick From Amazon

Pelican Kayak Reviews

We believe you are looking for the best kayak for paddling, fishing, or just outing on the water. In that case, Pelican kayaks are the trophy winner to get your attention. Besides, Pelican Pedal kayaks and boats are the first choices of many outdoor enthusiasts and anglers. Pelican International is here to ensure high-quality kayaks with the latest technology and quality control. So, when you are thinking of enjoying your time on the water, our ‘Pelican Kayak Reviews’ will be the best guide to pick the right one.

Why Pelican Kayaks are Best:

Pelican International. A brand name with tremendous customer satisfaction. Pelican has been providing the best kayaks, canoes, and other boating things for over 50 years for your comfort on the water at affordable prices. This manufacturer aims for the most user-friendly and high technology-supported innovation for its customers.

Lightweight (Using Ram-X):

Pelican uses unique Ram-X material, which is a multi-layered laminated sheet of Polyethylene. This Ram-X material made most of the Pelican Kayaks the lightest among the competitors. Its unique manufacturing technology with laminated layered materials forms more substantial sheets. As a result, these sheets are lighter in weight than the single-layered sheets of the same thickness.

Longevity (Three Layer Sheet):

The manufacturer applies extreme heat and pressure to fuse pieces while joining the hull and deck together. This process makes the kayaks able to absorb the maximum damages. 

The Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology indeed serves you three things. The first layer resists UV and any scratch. A high-density plastic with 95% recycling capability is covered by the middle part ensures. And the last layer adds extra stiffness with maximum durability. 

While talking about Pelican Kayaks, there is one thing we should inform our readers. And that is, Pelican’s innovative manufacturing method ensures the highest recovery from any damages like dented or compressed. So, you can easily pop back your kayak into its original shape. 

You Would Also Like:

Pelican Kayaks give you an adjustable ERGOFORM backrest that would serve you more comfort. Besides, its storage capacity will make you happy. You do not need to bother about space for your necessary stuff.

However, Pelican International designed tons of models considering your needs and purpose. As its design varies, so do its features. We are going to explore all these features with each model. So, keep scrolling down to find out the best Pelican one-person kayaks.

List of Best One-Person Pelican Kayaks on Amazon:

Among many Pelican kayaks models in the market, we have picked the best five models considering the most sold single-person kayaks. We also have sorted out these kayaks based on the highest user rating. We believe these are the best of all the Pelican Kayaks. Let us see the best 5 Pelican Kayaks available on Amazon. We will talk here about three Pelican Sit in Kayak models and two Pelican Sit on Top Kayak models. Some of these Pelican Pedal Kayaks are the best Pelican fishing kayak, whereas some are best for the daylong water trip.

Pelican Sit in Kayak:

Pelican Sit in Kayaks are much popular among the paddlers. Most of the Sit in Pelican kayaks are best for paddling for hours. Yet, some models also fit the anglers for fishing. Besides, Sit in Kayak is comparatively easy to handle on the water.

1.      Pelican Maxim 100X One Person Sit-in Recreational Kayak 

2.      Pelican Argo 100X One Person Recreational Sit-in Kayak 

3.      Pelican Sprint 100XR Recreational Sit-in Kayak for One Person

Pelican Sit on Top Kayak:

You will find many Pelican Sit on Top Kayaks in the marketplace. However, the most popular Pelican Sit on Top Angler Kayaks are a few in number available on Amazon. These Pedal Kayaks are also best for recreational tours.

1.      Pelican Sentinel 100X One Person Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak 

2.      Pelican Argo 100XR One Person Sit-on-Top Lightweight Kayak

Expert’s Guide for Buying Pelican Kayak:

Pelican has almost 96 kayak models currently available in the market. And, among those, many are also available on Amazon. So, you could get confused like me about which one to purchase. Hence, our expert kayakers stand by your side to give a precise guide through this ‘pelican kayak reviews’ article.

Kayaking Site Choosing:

When we think of kayaking, the first question that hits is “where.” Some love kayaking in nearby lakes. Anglers love fishing in calm river water. But, the condition of river water and lake water are not alike. That is why every kayak expert will suggest first to decide the kayaking location. 

Usually, you will find the lake water calm in the expected fair weather condition. You can enjoy your time there with any recreational Pelican Kayak. Pelican designed several sit-in and sit-on-top models for your happy time on calm lake water. 

River water is naturally a bit wavy. Here you will need something with extra balanced stuff. For that, you will find Pelican Sprint 100XR or Argo 100XR on Amazon. These kayaks are the perfect choice for choppy water. Although, expert anglers do not prefer sit-on-top kayaks in windy weather. 

Moreover, Pelican does not design its kayaks for high-tide water. Do you know why? When wind, tide, and current blend in coasts or oceans, the strong current makes your kayaking challenging. And, Pelican prefers the safety of the kayakers than the profit.

However, suppose you want to out for a day tour or fishing in flowing water. In that case, Pelican Sentinel 100X or Argo 100X kayak can make your day entertaining. These vessels have the most popularities as the top Pelican Angler Kayak.

Fishing or Recreational:

You may out on the water for fishing or to enjoy nature. So, Pelican designed a lot of fishing kayaks considering the professional or amateur anglers. Besides, you will also find many Recreational Pelican kayaks for your outing on the water.

First of all, experts always recommend deciding your purpose before buying a kayak. You might need to stand on your kayak while fishing. In this case, you need more space, which you will not find in recreational kayaks.

While a rod holder is not essential for recreational kayak, it is a must-have-thing for a fishing kayak. Besides, you would need extra storage to keep all the fishing gear. So, generally, fishing kayaks come with additional storage compartments. 

Again, recreational kayaks are designed especially for long trips on the water. For the long run on the water, you might need more speed with minimum effort. And here is one of the main differences between recreational and fishing kayaks. Typically, you will have a lower rate from a fishing kayak.

Besides, stability is more important for fishing. Considering this point, Pelican has manufactured many fishing kayaks. Among those, the Sentinel 100X Kayak model is the most popular among anglers. It is a perfect combination of excellent maneuverability and speed with additional storage capacity. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a day-long journey on the lake or river, Argo 100XR  or Sprint 100XR Pelican Kayak will be your best choice. These are made of unique Ram-X material that made these lightweight kayaks with extra speed. 

Seat Number and Position:

Do you love kayaking alone? Or, you enjoy kayaking with your kid? Here comes the importance of the number of seats. It would help if you first decide whether to kayak single or double. However, Pelican serves different single-seat kayaks as well as double-seat kayaks to meet your need.

Again, seat position also plays a vital significance. Sit-in or Sit-on-top? Most of the fishing kayaks are sit-on-top. Do you know why? You might need to stay on the deck for fishing. So, a sit-on-top Kayak would be your best pick. Again, a sit-in recreational kayak is more comfortable to paddle for long. That is why you should also decide whether to buy a sit-in or sit-on-top Pelican kayak.

However, there are a few more pros and cons of Sit-in and Sit-on-top kayaks. A sit-in type glides faster through the water. But, the cockpit gets filled with water quickly if you capsize. On the other hand, A sit-on-top kayak has easy in-and-out ways. But, its higher center of gravity makes it a bit tippy. You can suddenly capsize in choppy water if not experienced enough.

Other Consideration:

Though you have already read the most important things before buying a Pelican Kayak, there are also a few more points to decide. Among those, you cannot ignore the weight capacity of your kayak. The stability of your kayak depends considerably on the load. The total load should never exceed the maximum weight capacity of the kayak.

Experts always recommend not loading more than 70% of the manufacturer’s weight limit. That is why we should sum up our weight and gear items. This approximation will help to buy the right kayak.

You love keeping all your pieces of stuff with you while kayaking. Then, extra storage compartments will be your advantage. There are some Pelican models with additional storage compartments at the hull. You will also find a removable storage bin in the bow in some kayak models.

However, bulkheads are the space to keep the air in the kayak. This part of your kayak always additionally helps you to afloat. But, the larger the bulkhead, the lower the speed. So, one should also keep this in mind before buying a kayak.

Pelican Kayak Reviews: Best 5 Pelican Kayaks on Amazon:

We hope you have already considered the key features to buy your kayak. Now, we want to share what are the best pelican kayaks available now. Our experts described the top features of the best kayaks in this ‘Pelican Kayak Reviews’ article. Here we will also discuss all the specifications and pros and cons briefly. 

Pelican Maxim 100X One Person Sit-in Recreational Kayak


Pelican Maxim 100X Kayak is a one-person sit-in kayak. It is one of the best Recreational Kayaks for long trips. This kayak is very lightweight among its competitors. A 36-pound weight Pelican Maxim 100X Kayak can hold up to 125 kg (275 pounds) on water. So, this 10 feet long kayak is very much comfortable for a single person to paddle on calm water. 

You will find a shallow V- Chine hull of the Maxim 100X Kayak. This hull makes the kayak the best in-sit Pelican boat with perfect stability and excellent maneuverability. Hence, you will find this recreational sit-in Pelican Kayak with an effortless turning ability. That is why this kayak fits the experienced paddlers and the beginner and the amateur as well. 

Its ERGOFORM cushioning backrest is always comfortable for the long run on the water. Besides, you will surely give a 10/10 when you would find the most advanced moldable seat. It will mold at ease to your body shape. So, you will now feel comfortable with your footrest. 

And, at last, you will find a built-in bottle holder at your hand distance. So, you can now have your favorite drink at any time while paddling on the water. Besides, the larger storage hatch with a rubber gasket is enough to keep everything you need. However, a storage bin in the bow is the plus thing for you. 


One-person sit-in recreational 

Length- 10 feet

Width- 28 inch

Height- 14 inch

Weight- 36 pound/ 16 kg

Max capacity- 275 pound/ 125 kg.

Hull- Shallow V-chine 

Cockpit Length- 49 inch

Cockpit Width- 24.5 inch

  • Very lightweight
  • Fast and well balanced
  • Extreme load capacity
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Cushioning backrest
  • Easy to clean
  • Discomfort footrest when a bit afloat.
  • Not for fishing
  • Best only on calm or slow-moving water

Pelican Argo 100X One Person Recreational Sit-in Kayak


While talking about Pelican Kayak Reviews, we must mention the Pelican Argo 100X model. This boat is one of the best and widely-used Pelican kayaks. You will find many anglers who would recommend this one-person Pelican Kayak for long-trip on the river. This sit-in recreational kayak also follows the Ram-X manufacturing procedure.

Pelican constructed this Argo 100X Sit-in kayak, mainly aiming at the average paddlers. Besides, you will find this kayak tailored for easy in-and-out. That is why this kayak is perfect for any beginner, even for the aged person. 

Like the previous models, the Pelican Argo 100X kayak has a cushioning backrest with an adjustable Ergoform padded seat. Moreover, the Argo 100X vessel provides an adjustable footrest for your comfort. 

This 10 feet long kayak is designed with enough front storage-hatch as well as a rear tank well. So, you can now keep whatever you need while paddling. Moreover, the mesh deck cover and a cockpit table along with a bottle holder and extra space-slot will be your bonuses. Besides, you will get a built-into-seat bottle holder for your favorite drink.

At last, Pelican Argo 100 recreational kayak weighs only 36 pounds. So, you don’t need extra effort to carry this near to the lake.


One-person sit-in recreational kayak

Length- 10 feet

Width- 28 inch

Height- 14 inch

Weight- 36 pound/ 16.3 kg

Max capacity- 275 pound/ 125 kg.

Hull- Twin-arched Multi Chine Hull

Cockpit Length- 50 inch

Cockpit Width- 24.5 inch

  • Lightweight
  • Extra storage capacity
  • Two bottle holder for long trip
  • Cockpit table with an extra compartment
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Best for beginner and novice
  • Very stable on water
  • Best for calm water only

Pelican Sprint 100XR Recreational Sit-in Kayak for One Person


Are you searching for a perfect kayak for the rough river? Here comes the Pelican Sprint Series. The 100XR Sprint model is the most stable Pelican kayak in any choppy water conditions. Its deep V Chine Hull allows the kayak more responsive and quicker while shifting and turning on the water.

The manufacturer has constructed the Sprint Sit-in kayak with advanced technology to maximize each stroke with minimal effort. The Ram-X material is a privilege for any kayaker. This patented Pelican three-layered sheet made the kayak durable for years. Besides, this advanced material has made the Sprint 100XR kayak the lightest among its competitors. 

This kayak features a stern bulkhead that adds a point for extra flotation. Hence, this feature enables an easy getting back in the vessel after a sudden bailed out to ensure your safe journey. However, this 41pound Pelican has carrying handles for easy transport. 

The four-inch upgraded day-hatch or cockpit table with a bottle holder is the favorite for any paddler. Besides, you will also have a quick-lock rear hatch and additional space on the deck to keep your gear accessories safe. 


One-person sit-in recreational kayak

Length- 10 feet

Width- 28 inch

Height- 14 inch

Weight- 41 pound/ 18.6 kg

Max capacity- 300 pound/ 136 kg.

Hull- Deep V Chine Hull Hull

Cockpit Length- 50 inch

Cockpit Width- 23 inch

  • Lightweight
  • Extra storage capacity
  • Two bottle holder for favorite drinks
  • Cockpit table with an extra compartment
  • Perfect for choppy water condition
  • No molding footrest

Pelican Sentinel 100X One Person Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak


Let us introduce another top-rated watercraft in pelican kayak reviews. If you love fishing, the Pelican Sentinel 100X kayak would be the best choice. Indeed, this single-person Pelican fishing kayak will win the best sit-on-top angler kayak in the run. Pelican has designed this vessel aiming the experienced anglers. However, it is also an easy control fishing boat even for the kid and the GrandPa.

This Sentinel 100X Angler Kayak has a twin-arched-multi-chine flat bottom hull, ensuring stability on slow-moving water. So, you can easily cast a line or reel in fishing. Besides, this advanced hull hits the highest performance with extra speed while maneuvering near the fishing spots. 

The manufacturer designed the spacious cockpit for an easy in-and-out of the kayak. The adjustable footrest is always a comfort for the paddlers. Moreover, the identical ERGOFORM padded backrest with a cushioning seat is a bonus. 

Here, you will also find convenient angling accessories loaded with the Sentinel 100X angler version. What will you have here? You will get a center console with molded compartments and a cover. Two accessory eyelets and a built-in flush mount rod holder are the pluses. 

While talking about storage, a front storage platform with a mesh deck cover gives added value. Besides, there is a well-fit larger rear tank with bungee cords. Moreover, This Sentinel 100X Pelican kayak features a removable storage platform (ExoPak). So, you are now able to drop all your fishing equipment in the box just after reaching the waterside.  

Do you need more? Here the Sentinel 100X comes with additional vertical rod holders as well as bungee cords. These are not the last. The Pelican manufacturer also included an ABYC standard extra flotation inside the hull.


One-person sit-on-top fishing kayak

Length- 9 feet 6 inch

Width- 30 inch

Height- 13.5 inch

Weight- 44 pound/ 20 kg

Max capacity- 275 pound/ 125 kg.

Hull- Roto molded twin arched hull

  • Lightweight
  • Extra storage capacity
  • Extreme load capacity
  • Removable storage platform
  • Additional rod holder with bungee cords
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Cushioning backrest
  • Easy to clean
  • Best for experienced anglers
  • Best only on calm or slow-moving water

Pelican Argo 100XR One Person Sit-on-Top Lightweight Kayak


If you are searching for a speedy Pelican in Pelican kayak reviews, then you have the Pelican Argo 100XR. It has a sporty look. The manufacturer used a twin arched multi-chine hull for maximum stability. Besides, the spacious cockpit made the in-and-out very easy, even for the kids.

The Ram-X unique material (patented by Pelican International) made the body the toughest and the lightest kayak. It is only 40.7 pounds in weight. So, you can move it from the cart to the water without any difficulties.

This Argo 100XR is designed for paddlers who are looking for extra comfort. The most exciting feature of this kayak is its portable seat. So, you can use the kayak seat at the river bank for a bit of rest.

The best part of this Pelican Pedal Kayak is its combo feature. It is one of the best Pedal Kayak, perfect both as a recreational kayak and a fishing kayak.

Besides, it has an adjustable footrest and a special hatch with an additional storage platform. This extra storage will help you to take all of your fishing gear with you. Moreover, the bottle cage with a secondary bottle holder is there for your favorite drinks. You can also record your time on the water by mounting the camera on the 1-inch rigging track. Furthermore, you have an extra rigging track to keep any other fun accessories.


One-person sit-on-top recreational cum fishing kayak

Length- 10 feet

Width- 29 inch

Height- 14 inch

Weight- 40.7 pound/ 18.5 kg

Max capacity- 300 pound/ 136 kg.

Hull- Twin arched multi-chine hull

Cockpit Length- 48 inch

Cockpit Width- 25 inch

  • Lightweight
  • A pair of 1-inch rigging tracks
  • Portable seat
  • Perfect for fishing or any long trip
  • Easy in-and-out
  • Higher speed with minimum effort
  • No molded footrest

Few Tips about Kayak Maintenance:

While pelican kayak reviews show the best and highest sold pelicans on amazon, let us talk about some other essential things. Once you have bought your lovely kayak, you should also emphasize kayak maintenance. It will result in extra durability. There are many paddlers whose years old kayaks look like a recently bought one. You will also find some kayakers who recently bought their kayaks, but kayaks look like ancient ones. Every kayak lovers never ignore vessel maintenance.

Shield Kayak:

Though Pelican has its unique Ram X three-layer material, you should keep the boat away from the sun.  Shielding the kayak from the sun restricts the corrosion rate of your boat materials. If you leave the kayak under the sun, the deterioration could cause an early puncture to the hull. So, to avoid cracking to the body, shielding the kayak from the sun is the best thing ever.

Keep Kayak Clean:

Most of the kayakers never forget to clean their kayak after the outing. When you end your water trip, the kayak body gets covered with grime. Not only the outer surface becomes dirty, but also it stores salt and other chemicals from the lake or river water. So, one should clean the exterior with soapy water if possible. It will also protect the kayak color from fading out. 

This video could be helpful for any kayaker.

Use Cart for Dragging:

If you drag your kayak on the ground for transporting anywhere, the bottom will get weaken sooner. Though there are many lightweight kayaks, it is tough to carry those by hand for long-distance. In this situation, a cart will be your win-win thing indeed. You might think about the extra expense. But you are saving your money by protecting the kayak from any damage.

However, suppose you want to carry your favorite Pelican Kayak to the riverside without any cart. In that case, this video could help you a bit.


Many experienced kayakers suggest sorting out personal preferences and needs before buying a new kayak. We hope you have already decided how you want to spend your time on the water. However, experts also suggest choosing the suitable paddle for comfort kayaking. Hence, our best kayak paddle for fishing could help you a bit if you are fond of fishing. Finally, it will be our pleasure if these pelican kayak reviews help you to pick your best match kayak.

However, are you planning to install trolling motor on your boat? Then, you will also need a high-performance battery for better support. Hence, our best trolling motor batteries would be a trustworthy guide for choosing the right battery.

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