Renogy 12V Deep Cycel Hybrid Gel Battery Review, 2020

Renogy 12V Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery Review

Are you facing trouble with your motor battery? Yes! What a damn cell it is! It’s a nightmare to have such a bad cell power source! Then, you surely had to go through several batteries for years. Be cool my friend. Here we are with the possible solution. Let’s see our Renogy 12V Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery Review. We hope this will be your sleeping pill today.

Renogy 12 volt battery is not only designed for your trolling motor but also to meet your daily need for power. With a 200AH (ampere-hour) or 100AH capacity, this battery is a perfect choice for whether it’s a trolling motor, solar regulator, off-grid application, or anything else.

Let’s have a look at what Renogy 12V 200AH Hybrid Gel Battery offers for you.

Features of Renogy 12V Trolling Motor Battery:

In this section of Renogy 12V Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery Review, we are now going to show you how this Renogy battery is going to be your best choice. Let’s continue to scroll down for the features of this Best Trolling Motor Battery.

Almost Zero Maintenance:

Renogy Hybrid Gel Battery used the latest technology to make it almost leak-proof as well as and spill-proof. Gel suspended electrolyte with advance valve regulated technology made it tough from the acid leakage.

However, this leak-proof and spill-proof performance denies any internal damages or disfigurements. No internal leakage or harm can take place while placing or mounting the battery anywhere.

This super feature made the Renogy battery very popular among the users. You will be free with almost no need for frequent maintenance.

Doubled Lifespan with Extended Service Life:

The advanced Corrosion Resistant Grids has differentiated the Renogy hybrid gel power cell from other batteries definitely with a five-star rating. This feature has enabled this power bank a 12 years (up to) standby designed life. Besides, this technology will serve you a charge-discharge cycle of more than 750 at 50% DOD.

Besides, you will notice high purity materials are used in this battery. This has made a less than 3% self-discharge rate per month. You will find this rate is much lower than any flooded batteries in the market.  The improved electrolytic formula gives stable battery capacity.

Multiple Battery Connection:

You can link more than one battery in parallel or series to gain the required power set up. Can be daily used or performed as backup power. Whether you need 24V 36V or even more, just put a similar set of batteries in the circuit and be relaxed.

Performance Regardless of Temperature or Boat Weight:

You will be happy to hear that this battery gives optimum performance even at freezing temperatures. This battery can handle any colder weather to make your trip safe.

However, you just need to connect the Renogy battery to your marine boat motor. And, then, surely you will forget when you have charged the battery last time. Days will pass, but this battery will still be there as your best friend.

Specification at a Glance:

  • 12V 200AH
  • 127.9 lbs
  • C-Rating C20
  • M8 Terminal
  • Leak & spill-proof
  • Valve regulated
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 3%)
  • Almost double lifespan than AGM battery
  • Little maintenance required
  • Supports parallel and Series Circuits
  • Heavy-weight
  • High price (to maintain the quality)


With 200Ah 12V power supply, Renogy Hybrid Gel Battery is the best deep cycle trolling motor battery so far we know. You can pick this with confidence for your standby or daily heavy power needs. This excellent choice will ensure both the best performance and long battery life for years.

However, we hope our Renogy 12V Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery Review will help you to pick the right power source for your boat.

You can also see what Mighty Max 12V 55AH battery offers to you. It may help you to compare the best trolling batteries around you.

Features of Renogy 12V Trolling Motor Battery

Frequently Asked Question about Renogy 12V Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery:

Which position can this Renogy 200AH/ 100AH battery be mounted at?

Answer- Gel suspended electrolyte technology will allow you to mount this battery at any position without any risk of leakage.

Does this Battery support parallel or series connection?

Answer- With the same capacity battery, Renogy 12V battery allows you to connect multiple batteries in parallel or series as required. Just make sure that you have connected the same types (such as several 12V 200AH batteries).

Can this battery be used like AGM battery?

This battery has a better lifespan period as well as less leakage possibility than AGM battery. So, definitely, Renogy 12V battery can be used easily like any AGM battery.

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Answer- The optimal charge current is 60A for the Renogy 12V 200AH battery. Hence, a smart supportive battery charge controller would be best to take care of the optimal charge current.

What size battery for trolling motor is best?

Answer- Renogy deep cycle hybrid gel battery is specially made for any trolling motor. It will give the best performance not only for any trolling motor but also for any size of boat. Besides, this battery size also fits the commonly used battery box.

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