Universal Trolling Boat Battery with 12V 100AH Capacity, 2020

Universal battery with Sealed Lead-Acid

Most of the batteries are bullshit! I got stuck looking for the best battery for my boat motor! Don’t be panicked, my friend. Let’s talk about this problem here. Though those are common things while searching for a motor battery, Universal Trolling Boat Battery with 12V 100AH Capacity stands as your trustworthy friend. Let’s talk about the best of Universal Deep Cycle AGM 12V battery.

Universal battery with 100AH capacity is an excellent trolling motor battery. With its amazing features and performance, you would be overwhelmed and keen to buy this battery immediately. With unique features, it’s now become the must-have parts of your trolling motor boat.

Features Served by Universal Trolling Boat Battery with 12V 100AH Capacity:

Are you excited to read about the best features of Universal AGM battery? Here are the features we have researched for you.

Best Sealed Lead Acid Battery:

First of all, this is a 12Volt 100Ah battery. The Universal Battery used Sealed Lead Acid battery (SLA) technology with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). This means the electrode is made with glass fiber. This battery is spill-proof. Therefore no damage can take place inside of it.

Shock and Vibration Resistance with compatible size:

Another amazing feature of this Universal Power group battery is it resists shock and vibration. The size of the battery is fine enough to fit any type of hatch in a kayak or small fishing boats. However, you can also add multiple Universal AGM batteries in parallel or series for more power backup.

Solar System Supported:

Do you need more of a battery? Then, Universal Trolling Boat Battery with 12V 100AH capacity presents you with another feature. This important feature of this battery is it can be fitted in solar regulator also.

Specification at a Glance:

  • 12V 100AH AGM
  • 63.93 lbs
  • 12.17 inch length and 6.61width
  • 1-year warranty
  • It’s really a heavy-duty
  • Best fitted anywhere on the boat
  • No risk of internal damage
  • Glass Mat electrodes
  • High potent (1200Watt)
  • Weighted more than other batteries of the same power
Universal Trolling Boat Battery with 12V 100AH Capacity

Last but Not Least:

Comparing the battery with other best trolling motor boat batteries of the same price it is very much easier to choose a Universal 12V 100AH AGM battery. You will be assured of the performance of the battery whenever you know that Universal Power Group (UPG) is serving since 1968. So, you will surely feel safe with the battery that this experienced company provides.

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Frequently Asked Question about Universal Deep Cycle 12V 100AH AGM Battery:

Does Universal battery support regular battery terminals?

Answer- Yes, this battery supports regular automotive battery terminals.

Can I use this battery for a 24V 60lbs trolling boat motor?

Answer- Yes, you can use this battery for a 24V 60lbs trolling boat motor. You can use this battery as a high power source by just connecting in series or parallel as required.

How long lifespan does this Universal battery give?

Answer- According to most of the users, 5-6 years of lifespan is common for Universal AGM battery.

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