WindyNation 100AH 12V Deep Cycle AGM Battery, 2020

WindyNation 100AH 12V Deep Cycle AGM battery

One thing is really interesting about WindyNation 12V Deep Cycle battery. You know what? It’s the brand name itself. This name is how it works even in a windy environment. Eventually, Windy Nation 100AH Battery has become the most desired power source for backup in any bad weather.

Now I am going to introduce you to all the excellent battery features offered by WindyNation Company. Obviously, it’s a prominent power company. And, the battery! Just wow! Definitely, it’s the best fit for trolling motor, solar regulator, offshore marine, portable tools, and so on.

Features of Windy Nation 100AH Battery:

Windy Nation 100AH battery is a 12V deep cycle AGM power supplier. That means with a 12V facility, it is a Sealed Lead Acid battery (SLA) battery. So, let us have a look to its features.

Leak-proof and Spill-proof:

Since it is spill-proof therefore no internal damage can take place to any WindyNation AGM battery. Besides, its SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) technology made it the best leakage proof power guard.

Repetitive Discharge System:

Though, you have already known about the great features above. Yet it’s not limited to those. The most remarkable feature of a Windy Nation 100AH Battery is its repetitive discharges system. This feature gives the battery amazing longevity.

Gossips from the users tell that it never dies. However, many claimed that this battery can serve you around a decade if you use it at below 40 degree Celsius temperature.

Glass Fiber Electrodes:

Inside the Windy Nation 12V 100AH battery, there are electrodes made of glass fiber. So, you know now, surely it’s an AGM battery. This deep cycle battery serves heavy-duty while you need emergency power backup.

Gossips from the users tell that it never dies. However, many claimed that this battery can serve you around a decade if you use it at below 40 degree Celsius temperature.

Best Fit Anywhere:

This battery is made in such a form that it can be fitted for different types of operations like solar power, deep water cycle, RVs, UPS, telecommunications, and so on.

Specification at a Glance:

  • 12V 100Ah SLA
  • 66 lbs
  • Nut and Bolt terminal
  • This battery is designed as repetitive discharges system
  • It stays cool at 30 degree Celsius when it charging and having load
  • All required straps and wires are provided free
  • This is SLA/AGM battery to serve a great of performance
  • Higher weighted than same capacity batteries.
WindyNation 100AH 12V Battery terminals

Finally about WindyNation Deep Cycle Battery:

Don’t you need all the above features for safe power backup while in the water? It’s the comfort journey while this Windy Nation 100AH battery is with you on the boat. Many battery users also commented that it’s better in some sense than Universal Deep Cycle battery.

There are a few best trolling motor batteries which have high positive user reviews. Among these, WindyNation has a low price than any same capacity top batteries.  Besides, some anglers often compare it with Optima blue top batteries. However, this battery is very popular with its own identical features. So, in a word, Windy Nation 100AH battery is not only best for any trolling motor, but also best for continuous power supply on the water.

Frequently Asked Question about Windy Nation 100AH Battery:

Can I put WindyNation battery at any position?

Answer- Yes, you can put a WindyNation battery at anywhere you want.

Should I always keep the terminal side at up faced?

Answer- Yes, you must keep the terminal side of the Windy Nation 100AH battery up faced.

How long does it take to charge WindyNation battery?

Answer: Charging a WindyNation battery depends on its discharge status and the charger.

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Abdur Rahman
2 years ago

The article has been very nice